Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cakes just for guys

Super Bowl Party cake- Super Bowl Trophy cake
 Guitar and piano 50th birthday cake
 Ohio State University cake
 Hand painted sugar football cake
 Retirement cake
 Big House cake - University of Michigan Stadium cake
 Catholic Central football cake and cookies
 Cake with an Angel
 Piano Cake
 Catholic Central Shirt and tie cake
 Around the wold students
 Wayne State University retirement cake
 Around the world students at Wayne University in Detroit
 Fifty Shadows of Gray cake for a 50th birthday
 Skiing Accident cake
 Superman cake
 Catholic Central Football  helmet cake
 University of Detroit High School Lacrosse cake
 Catholic Central and University of Michigan Theme for graduation cake
 Football field cake
 University of Michigan football helmet cake
Chin tiki bar in Detroit cake

University of Michigan hat cake

Painter's palette cake

Doctor's bag cake

Corvette car cake

Corvette cake Rolling stones cake

Fish in a basket cake

Rally cake

Tango cake - El viejo almacen of Buenos Aires

Tango cake Golf car cake

Deer cake

Spartan Football helmet cake

Golf cart crushing a tree cake

Male birthday cake

Male birthday cake

Dos equis beer cap cake

Champagne bottle cake in a basket

side view

Time bomb cake for a 50th birthday party
Golfer and Cadillac cake for a 50th birthday party

Doctor's outfit cake

50th birthday cake - Tipsy Curvy for a guy
Couch Potato cake

PlayStation control cake

Fun at the beach cake Going on vacation cake

Time bomb cake for a 40th birthday party

Guy fishing with his Labrador retriever cake
Travel around the world cake - with world and luggage

Cake for the king - King's Crown on a pillow cake

Movie board cake for the cast of "Where I find my people"

Spaghetti bowl cake for the Italian grandpa

Cheese and grapes cake

The Magic of 60 cake - Hat and Tuxedo cake

Tree of thanks cake -

Painter's cake - Paint and brush cake

Golden Globe cake - Award winning Oscar's cake

Dad's sleepers cake - cake for father's day

Computer cake - keyboard and screen computer cake . Year 1989

Adding machine cake for an accountant - retirement party for CPA

Fourth of July birthday cake

Yacht logo cake - for the captain
Tequila bottle cake for a 40th birthday

Phone cake - AT&T cake for a retirement party

Guy at the beach on top of luggage cake -

MacKinnon crest cake - Family reunion cake for the Mac Kinnon's

Cohiba cigar cake

Beer cake - Chop of beer and napkin cake
Taco cake

St Patrick cake

Shirt and tie cake - Torta con forma de camisa y corbata

Simple scrolls birthday cake for a man

Pool table cake - Torta para jugadores de Pool

Poker cake with cards - Torta para jugadores de poker

Dice cake -Bunko party cake - Torta en forma de dado

Polka dot cake
Remote control cake

Sombrero cake - Mexican cake - Torta con forma de sombrero mejicano

Wine cooler and cheese with grapes cake - cake for a 40th birthday party - bottle made out of sugar

Tiered scroll cake in white and chocolate