Saturday, January 27, 2018

Cakes for guys -Men cakes

40th Birthday cake for a guy
 Airplane cake foe a WCAA worker
 Frog cake - The frog kissed the bride themed party
 Barbell cake
 Stripped gift box for a 75th Birthday
 Gift box cake in blue and grey

 Notre Dame and Uof D graduate doctor cake for a 50th Birthday
 Water lily and coy fish pond cake
 University of Michigan Football Helmet cake
 60th Birthday cake in black and gold
 Golf cake for a Farmer
 Birthday cake for a Fisherman
 University of Michigan Football Helmet cake
 Golf cake for a 50th Birthday
 Golf cake for a handsome guy
 Trunk cake - Groom cake
 Luggage cake for a 70th Birthday guy who loves to travel
 Wine themed cake
 Livonia Police Retirement cake

Time bomb cake for a 40th birthday
Tennis cake
All sport 3 tier cake for a Bat Mitzvah
Rubix cube cake for a Bat Mitzvah
Tennis cake
Retirement cake from the University of Michigan Lab  - book cake = New chapter in life
Cohiba cigar cake - Groom's cake
Stacked boxes cake  in red, yellow and black for a 80th birthday
Football cake
Michigan State graduation cake for a doctor
Sugar topper for a retirement in florida themed party
4th of July cake
Super bowl football cake for a Bat Mitzvah
Corvvette cake
Book cake
Wine in cooler cake and cheese cake
Book cake for a Doctor's retirement
Family Crest cake
Clip board cake
50th Birthday cake in lime and turquoise colors
Birthday cake in black and yellow
Luggage cake for a retirement in Florida party
Oscar's movie night cake
Telephone cake for an ATT retirement party
Video game controller cake
Potato couch cake
Mexican designed cake
Ken Holland and the Stanley cup cake
Yatch logo cake
Play recorder cake
007 for a 70th birthday party with tux

40th Birthday cake in gold and black
50 Shades of Grey cake
Viejo Almacen cake - Tango cake
TV remote control cake
Pool table cake
Sombrero cake
Argentina Soccer jersey cake
Asociacion Argentina de Detroit cake
Cake for an American Soldier
Paint palette cake
Paint can cake

Birthday hat cake and tux for a men 60th birthday

Chocolate cake with scrolls and Monogram letters topper
Birthday hat cake
Sugar fruit and flowers for a 70th birthday
Time bomb cake for a 50th birthday party

Cake in gold and black
Lou Lariche car cake = Chevrolet cake
Hummer car cake -
Birthday candles cake
Bowling cake
Police car cake
Cadillac birthday cake for a golfer

Michigan State golf cart cake
Racing car field cake

Corvette cake

Hurley Davison birthday cake
Jeep cake for a Welcome home Party for one of our service man
Mitsubishi car cake
Corvette cake
Porche cake
Moving truck cake - Corrigan Moving Co.
Racing car cake
Volkswagen truck cake = groom cake
Angel cake for a Cardinal
Cheese and grapes cake

Chini Tiki bar cake - Detroit buildings cake
Coffin  cake
Lewis  Family's Irish crest cake
Indian Elephant cake
Road ahead cake for a doctor leaving University of Michigan Hospital
Detroit lover cake sign

Emoji Cake for a lawyer
Super Dad cake
Carrot cake for a vegetarian

Bowl of spaghetti cake
Beer mug cake - 3 dimensional
Beer mug cake
Bottle of wine cake
Bottle of Tequila cake
Double XX beer cap cake
Bottle of Champagne cake

Cake with sprinkles 

Taco cake
Pizza cake
Mommy cake for a MSU vs UM game
Catholic Central tie and shirt graduation cake
40th birthday cake for a doctor.  Doctor bag cake
Ohio University birthday cake
Doctor's coat cake
Emergency doctor's bag cake
University of Detroit Mercy Dental school graduation cake
Brain surgeon graduation cake from University of Michigan
Heart doctor's birthday cake

University of Michigan graduation cake - Doctor's coat cake

Pile of books graduation cake.Gastroenterologist grad cake
Catholic Central football helmet cake
University of Detroit Lacrosse helmet cake
St Patrick's leprechaun hat cake
University of Michigan hat cake

Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata soccer team cake - El Lobo

Traveling around the world cake
Boom box cake
Record Player cake
Piano cake for a Bat Mitzvah
Piano key board cake
Cassette cake
Disco cake for a 50th birthday party
Guitar and Piano cake
Piano cake
Rolling Stones cake
Dice cake
New York Silhouette cake
Photo camera cake
Musical Note cake
Chest cake
Poker cake
PLC cake for an Engineer
Pop corn cake for a Movie themed party
Pot of gold cake - St Patrick's day cake
Pot of candy cake
Sexy men cake- 40th Birthday cake
Scroll cake
Proposal Heart shaped cake
Christmas gift cake
Tuxedo cake for a 70th birthday
Mustache cake for a 50th Birthday
Red tie and shirt cake
Tuxedo cake
Striped suit cake with tie
Michigan State tie cake
Ruffle tux cake
Sleepers for Father's day cake
Jordan shoes in black cake
Tennis shoe cake for a 21st Birthday
Bike cake for a 50th birthday
Super Bowl cake for a Bat Mitzvah
Tennis cake
Golf cart cake

Football field  cake
Basketball cake
Bowling cake
Sugar football
Michigan State golf cart cake
Golf ball cake

Golf course cake
Skiing cake
Catholic Central - University of Michigan football sweet table
Golf ball cake and cupcakes for a 50th birthday
Golf shirt cake with glove
Michigan State football helmet cake
Falcon's football cake
University of Michigan football helmet cake
Hockey puck Red Wings cake
University of Michigan football helmet cake

Deer cake for a Deer Hunter
Fish cake for fisherman
Golf course cake
Ski cake
Argentina's soccer jersey cake
Soccer cake for St Michel's team - Go Gaels
Eagles soccer team cake
Family Ski trip cake
Boat cake
Big House - University of Michigan Stadium cake
Stanley cup cake
Fisherman's truckle box cake
Golf ball cake for a 40th birhtday
Hockey player cake
Golf bag cake
Detroit Tiger's jersey cake
Skateboard cake
Tennis cake
Detroit Tigers cake
Cake in grey and yellow for a man's birthday
Tool box cake

Cake for a Therapist doctor
The Post Local Bistro grand opening cake

Wayne State University retirement cake
University of Windsor cake
Rail road birthday cake
Beer mug and golf cake
Computer cake

Wine and grapes on the table cake